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Nord-Ostsee Tierärzte

05.10.2017von  Monika Uselyte

first of all - I want to thank the whole team for the job they do to save animals and help them as much as they can. I am a veterinary medicine student from Lithuania and this summer - 2017,07-2017,08 I had the best practise in Nord-Ostsee Tierarzte Praxis. The doctors speak fluent English so for me (as I know only little of German) it was a great experience and I got a lot of knowledge from them. One of the best things from my opinion is that if you can't decide where do you want to work after you graduate - you can learn and see here both - small and large animals if you have interest. All the doctors are very good and do everything best in their fields.
Thank you again, especially Torsten Bergt, for the oppertunity to be a part of your team as a practicant and to learn so much from you and your team.
I highly recommend this praxis for all smart and hardworking students from all Europe.